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Golden Spring Szechuan Restaurant – If you like it hot

A hidden Szechuan restaurant in Richmond. It is a little pricier but the portions are huge (meaning one dish is meant for 3-4 people), so make sure to bring a group of 4 or more if you want to try more than 2 dishes. A common tradition when having szechuan food is to drink their cold herbal teas (Wong Lo Kat drink) because it cools you down while you are burning your throat and stomach with the chilli oils and sauces. You can choose the level of spiciness (little, regular, very spicy) so even if you’re not usually a spice lover, you can still try the dishes! However, I must warn you, this place is not for the weak. Expect a lingering burning sensation and some sweating.

What I ordered:

  • House special hot pot with variety of meats 5/5
    • I really liked this dish because you get to try a bit of everything all in one pot. Plus, if you pay $5.00 you get to add their special szechuan clear noodles (very chewy texture). If you don’t tell them what level of spiciness you want, it is automatically regular spiciness. This bowl contains vegetables, seaweed, luncheon meat, squares of pigs blood, bean curd and pigs intestine.
  • Cold free range chicken with szechuan sauce 5/5
    • The quality of the chicken was fresh and the sauce was delicious.
  • Fish filet in szechuan broth 3/5
    • I had this twice. The first time it was good but the second time, the fish was a little over cooked so I would say this dish is not very consistent.
  • Rich mochi balls in rice vinegar sweet soup 3/5
    • This is one of my favourite desserts to order at Shanghai restaurants. That’s why I wanted to see if their desserts were good! Sadly, the mocha ball texture was a bit soft instead of chewy and their rice vinegar was very light tasting and not strong enough for my liking.
  • Ambiance 2.5/5
    • Don’t expect anything fancy here. It’s your very basic and simple chinese restaurant. That’s why I feel it’s a bit overpriced for the decor.
  • Service 4/5
    • The staff are quite attentive. They do their job but nothing more or less. The only thing is that there is usually only 2/3 waiters so when it get’s busy you might have to wait longer to get your bill.

Verdict: I will definitely be going back when I find a group of 4 brave enough to endure the wrath of the szechuan spices. Can’t wait to try more dishes!
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