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Menya Japanese Noodle

Finally got around to checking out Ramen Menya. There are so many ramen shops in Vancouver that I always opt to go to the more popular chains. I ordered the Nagahama ramen $7.90, added an egg and combo +$3.50 that includes a Takikomi rice ball and 4 gyoza. For ~$10.00 Menya is definitely a good deal if you are looking for cheap eats. The Nagahama, is a special type of ramen from Japan. I found the noodle texture to be on the softer side and the soup is lighter and more bland than Jinya/Santouka/Kintaro/Marutama. There was a lean piece of pork and a small fattier one. In my opinion, lean pork is too dry and tough. The Takikomi rice ball is soy seasoned and mixed with vegetables and shitake mushrooms. The highlight of the meal were the pork gyozas; the skin was thin, with one side fried to a crisp. I was disappointed in the ajitama (soft boiled egg) though, or in this case, the almost hard-boiled. They also provide you with an assortment of condiments like Ramen Sauce which was like a ponzu sauce, sesame, chill powder, oil and gyoza sauce.

Ramen breakdown:

Noodle: 3/5 – soft texture, I prefer chewy

Soup: 3/5 – mild flavour but nice

Pork: 2/5 – Too lean and dry

Egg: 1/5 – Almost hard boiled

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