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Shangri La Afternoon Tea

I am a fan of the Shangri-la lobby lounge so I had high hopes for their afternoon tea service.  At the exceptionally high price of $35 per person, I was expecting a lot. I was really pleased with their beautiful china ware and tea set. They have a really small selection of tea leaves but the quality wasn’t bad. I had the jasmine pearl tea. They had 3 tiers as usual. The lowest tier had a selection of crust-less sandwiches and croissants and the middle tier had an interesting selection of savory bites on Asian soup spoons. The dessert tier consisted of some fruit tarts and cream rolls that all tasted less than memorable. My favourite was the middle tier because it was original and different than the usual afternoon tea sets. Last but not least, they had a separate plate of “scones.” I say “scones” because they really tasted like tea biscuits: dry and hard. I loved their home made devonshire cream and jams.

  • Ambiance 5/5 – I have a thing for hotel high ceiling and comfy lounge chairs with pillows.
  • Service 5/5 – great 5 star service.
  • Tea 4/5 – The loose leaf was a good quality, but the selection was very small (only 5 to choose from).
  • dessert tier 2.5/5 – Nothing special.
  • Savoury tier 4/5 – Interesting asian spoons of shrimp and other goodies. The sandwiches were too big.
  • Scones 3/5 – Not scones, but tea biscuits. Depends if you like a harder/crispier texture.
  • Value – $32 per person. An acceptable price for a world class hotel with great ambiance and service.

The verdict is: It’s one of the better afternoon tea services I’ve had in Vancouver but it might not be worth $35.00.

I ate at Shangri-la lobby lounge on August 28th, 2011

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