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Judas Goat in Gastown’s Blood Alley

Small plates, simple dishes, tiny joint, lots of drinks: A Spanish/MediterraneanĀ  Izakya. Hidden in the heart of gas town in Blood Alley, this Spanish drinks & eats joint is great for happy hour snacks after work. There’s also a great view of the back of a crack house where homeless people hang out. I guess that’s why the plates are so small.. if it were any bigger, it would be ironic and cruel for the hungry.

Dishes I tried:
*Dishes I recommend

  1. *Blood Orange & Fennel: 4/5 Very simple (so simple it makes you wonder why you are paying for this) but I loved the sour fennel flavours with the sweet blood oranges! Great if you like tangy/sour types of salads.
  2. *Marinated Beets with Spiced Ricotta & Honey: 5/5 The beets were very fresh. This was my favourite dish but once again, nothing too memorable.
  3. Pulpo, egg yolk, smoke paprika: 2.5/5 Local Vancouver octopus with a tiny quail egg. You are supposed to eat them with these crouton crackers but I found that it didn’t mix very well. Everything was really dry.
  4. *Foie gras on toast with green apple: 3/5 The foie gras was really soft and wasn’t the usual frozen, melt in your mouth block of foie gras with toast.
  5. Duck Confit & Foie Gras Terrine: 2.5/5 A block of foie gras with duck confit and raisins infused. Tastes exactly what I thought it would: Dry.

Ate at Judas Goat on April 14th, 2011

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