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Gindaco Takoyakis- Shibuya, Tokyo

If you’ve been to Tokyo, you would understand how overwhelming the amount of street vendors can be! This was the first meal I had right after I landed. It had a great location right in the center of Shibuya (one of the busiest districts in Tokyo)! This vendorĀ  made their takoyakis extremely hot n’ fresh! It really was better than any takoyaki i’ve had in Canada. The texture was evenly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside and the octopus tentacle in each ball was a generous size! I can’t read Japanese so I had no idea which one I ordered but it was yummy!

Ate at Gindaco on Dec 22nd 2010

Food, Vancouver

Fairmont Pacific Rim Afternoon Tea

I saw a groupon online for Fairmont Pacific Rim’s afternoon tea so decided to give it a try. The hotel lobby is spacious and the ceilings are really high which makes lounging in the lobby really comfortable. They have low tables that are at the level of your knees so it’s not the best setting for having afternoon tea. The decor is minimalist modern with an Asian flare. There was a beautiful glass fire place as well. The afternoon tea set came with a plate of scones (dry and hard as usual), a tier of savory Asian bites like tofu and ahi tuna nigiri sushis and a tier of desserts. Their teapots were extremely heavy and hard to pour with. Continue reading