0755 Restaurant and Lounge

Located in the heart of Richmond, BC (I say heart because it is located in “downtown” of Richmond), 0755 is a restaurant and lounge serving chinese fusion tapas in an upscale environment with down to earth prices. Think Global Group atmosphere but White spot prices.

Seeing as though their prices are decent, the food was on par. Nothing exceptional but I could tell the emphasis of 0755 was on their well mixed cocktails by professional bar tenders and wine service. I say this because the tables barely fit all the food we ordered and the table ware was badly designed. We had to put some of the table ware on a chair to fit the large plates. Also, one of the waiters spilled the Soft Shell Crab I ordered all over the table because the plate had no edges to keep it from sliding off. However, their Mojito was one of the best I’ve had and they constantly came to refill our wine.


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