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Aburiya Japanese Izakya

No matter where I go, I have to have my japanese food fix. That’s why I decided to check out Aburiya – A japanese owned Izakya located on the upper east side. It was more of a restaurant than Izakya but served all kinds of tapas and robatas (japanese style bbq). The reason I don’t consider this place a true “izakya” is because and Izakya is a drinking establishment that serves small plates and tapas to accompany the drinks but this place is more food focused and not as rowdy. In other words, you have servers who take your order and don’t scream your order to the chef – it was all very proper. As I walked in, the hosted with a blue tooth head set abruptly asks me if I made a reservation. I told her I hadn’t and she looks apologetic and tells me it may be a bit of a wait and starts talking on her blue tooth head set. After 2 minutes, she comes back and brings me to a table. The atmosphere is of a typical izakya/restaurant style – a very wooden interior with wooden table booths separated by curtains.

** Please excuse the quality of photos (taken with the iPhone 4s), I left my camera at the hotel that day!


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