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Cheesecake Factory: Always a flo pleaser

When I don’t know where to eat in Seattle/States, I always turn to Cheesecake Factory. There’s no doubt that there will be dependable dishes and drinks. Their Factory Peach Bellini was the best Bellini I’ve ever had: perfectly blended ice with champagne and peach liqueur that doesn’t taste like sweet icy syrup. All their smoothies are amazing! The Cheesecake factory is like the man you want to settle down with: a little typical but dependable, reliable, and looks great on the inside and out!

When in America, always assume the portion of one dish can feed a small African family. That’s why I was so happy when I saw that they added a “small plates” section to their menu.

There’s nothing I could complain about eating here except that I’m usually so full by the time dinner ends that I can’t finish my large slice of cheesecake…. and that it is a little dirty because the ground is always slippery from oil. I’ve experienced and seen people slipping from the grease on the ground.

Very floeylicious!

Ate at Cheesecake factory on Feb/20/2011

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