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Happy Hour at WildTale Coastal Grill

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I’ve been obsessed with WildTale. This is my second time at WildTale but my first time going for their Happy Hour menu (everyday from 4:00-6:00). The Happy Hour menu consists of $6.00 small plates and $5.00 wine and beer. Some items were a hit and some were a miss but overall, I’d come back (I already have a few times!). I also ordered some of my favourite regular menu items as well as dessert. WildTale delivers fresh, local and simple seafood and isn’t overpowered by seasoning. The only thing that is missing from this seafood restaurant that most other competitors have are oyster specials. If they added $1.25 – $2.00 specials to their Happy Hour menu, I think everyone would be coming here on the daily if not weekly.

Happy Hour items:

  • Lobster Poutine 5/5 – Good portions of lobster tail chopped up mixed with cured cheese and not swimming in gravy
  • Daily Ceviche 2.5/5 – The shrimps were plentiful and it wasn’t bad but nothing to rave about: Basic
  • PEI Mussels 3/5 – The mussels had a good flavour but after having the BC Mussels on their regular menu, these couldn’t compare
  • Grilled Oysters ($3.00 each) 3/5 – These were fine, but for $3.00 I would rather have freshly shucked kusshi oysters
  • Salmon Carpaccio 2.5/5 – I think this would taste a lot better if they sliced up the carpaccio and drizzled it in sauce that had more flavour. Maybe some flavoured olive oil/vinegar combination
  • Halibut poppers 5/5

Other items:

  • Crab cakes 5/5
  • Grilled Squid 5/5 
  • BC Honey Mussels 5/5
  • Todd’s Banana cream pie 4/5
  • Chocolate Mousse (Daily Special) 4/5
  • Oyster Shots ($6.00 each) 5/5 – something fun to have as an appetizer: They make it with a clamato or horseradish base

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