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Coast – looks aren’t everything


Coast is what you would expect from the Global group: Crowded, dark, pretentious and full of middle aged business men and women. To my left was a table with two middle aged men taking shots and drinking whiskey with two young Russian blondes. Behind me was a large group of 40 year old women dressed in bustiers with sparkles in their hair which was probably their idea of a girls night out. In fact, I was able to notice so clearly because you could barely squeeze by the gap between the tables. You could hear every word spoken by the groups left and right of you. Of course this was typical of the Global group vibe (e.g. Italian Kitchen or Society) so you were paying for the ambiance and not so much for the food. So basically you could be paying to be an arms reach from the table next to you. However, if you wanted to have a more private and secluded setting there is an upstairs dining area overlooking the restaurant. I went to Coast with my boyfriend for a late night dinner so I didn’t get to order much. Our bill came out to be about $65.00.

What I ordered (favourites bolded):

  1. The popular seafood platter 3.5/5 – I would have given it 3 if it weren’t for the presentation. I don’t even know why they have sushi on there. Please stick to what you’re good at! The prawns were crunchy and fresh but the rest of the cold seafood weren’t amazing. This is probably because I prefer my shell fish hot.
  2. Lobster poutine 4/5 – My only complaint would be that the bowl was extremely hard to eat from and they even dropped some cheese on my boyfriends suit (unimpressed).
  3. Lollipop truffle trio 5/5 – The best part of the meal! Chocolate mousse dipped in chocolate.. although I believe this is off the menu now

The verdict: Coast is worth a visit but i wouldn’t go back for the food. However, I might go back just to spot the milfs who dress like they’re 20, cougars, gold diggers, and pervy old men.


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