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Hoi An Vietnamese Cafe

I came across Hoi An Cafe because my boyfriend had read on an online forum that they serve authentic and special Vietnamese dishes. The staff are friendly and helpful and they serve iced tea which goes well with hot noodles, especially in the summer! It was my first time trying most of these:

  • Mi Quang 3.5/5 – A light pork and shrimp broth/sauce served with yellow noodles and shrimp. I thought it was kind of strange because there was really little broth but it wasn’t flavourful enough to be a sauce either….
  • Bun Bo Tai Quang Nam 4/5 – Special marinated rare beef, pork balls, pork feet and spicy vermicelli. Tastes exactly as you would expect. I do like the extra lemon grass herbs and flavouring though. A lot stronger than most Pho restaurants.
  • Pho Dac Biet 3/5 – This was their regular special beef combo Pho Noodle. Broth was lacking flavour and the noodles were on the softer side. The beef had good texture though
  • Tom Chien 5/5 – Deep fried whole shrimp and pork spring rolls. The shrimp was fresh tasting and a juicy and they are hand wrapped when ordered.

Verdict: I would come back for their fried shrimp rolls and specialty dishes but not for their regular Pho Noodles.

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