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Hidden lounge at the Westin

I have a thing for hotel restaurant and lounges and their two story high ceilings; It makes me feel comfortable and at home. Plus, the service is usually good. At least in this case it was good at Hidden. I was not expecting such a creative seafood selection of dishes like the lobster poutine and the scallop mac n cheese. Hidden is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver with a view of the beautiful Central library. The bill for two people came out to be about 55 dollars (tax and tip included).

What I ordered:

  • Flatbread with dip (Spinach, salmon and black bean hummus) 4/5 – Tasty dip appetizer.
  • Fresh steamed mussels 2.5/5 – Not the best but acceptable. A lot of the mussels weren’t steamed to open properly.
  • Grilled brie cheese sandwhich with short rib and cranberry puree 3.5/5 – crust-less and perfectly buttered. The ribs weren’t very tender though.
  • Raspberry Fizz mocktail 4/5

Verdict: Hidden has a lot of creative dishes and I would go back if I wanted a restaurant/lounge.

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