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Urban Tea Merchant – West Georgia

Finally, a real specialized afternoon tea shop in downtown Vancouver! A little pricey but an absolute treat for tea lovers! They always have seasonal specials and events so make sure to check their website/twitter. I have to say I was impressed with their large selection of the prestigious TWG and THEODOR’s teas for purchase. They also sell TWG macarons by the piece.

  • Ambiance 3/5
    • You can either have your tea in their seating area called the Tea Salon or right outside on the patio. The tea salon looked very simple and clean but i felt the tables were too close together. The decor was very inconsistent and not very well thought out. There was an Asian tea pot waterfall and some tribal masks hung on the wall.
  • Service 4/5
    • The service was good but nothing amazing. It was nice that the server poured my tea for me.
  • Tea 5/5
    • I would have to say they have the best and largest tea selection in Vancouver. They probably have at least 50 teas to choose from. It can be confusing for foreign tea drinks so make sure to ask your server for recommendations.
  • Desserts 4/5
    • I enjoyed all my desserts. The mango sorbet was very tasty and they served a TWG macaron (which they sell for $3.95 each at the counter).
  • Savoury tier 5/5
    • The sandwiches were well made and i liked my waffle cone filled with tuna salad. The curry egg salad sandwich was delicious.
  • Scones 2.5/5
    • They were chocolate scones but tasted more like a tea biscuit because of the harder crispier outer texture.
  • Value
    • The petite afternoon tea was $25.00 for one person ($5 goes towards credit for ordering tea which costs around $7-$8). Not the best value but i was very satisfied with everything I ate.

Verdict: I really enjoyed the food and would go back to try their West coast afternoon tea.


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