Food, Vancouver

Octopus Garden – longest meal of my life.

Tucked away on Cornwall street sits a small Japanese restaurant known for it’s fresh sashimi and creative dishes by Chef Sado San. After first walking by 7 years ago, I finally got to try it!

They are most famously known for their Omakase menu, aka: Leave it to the chef menu where every course is a surprise. The Omakase is a hit or miss with every customer. I love all kinds of seafood and sashimi and don’t have any major dislikes so i enjoyed it. If you do have any specific preferences you should tell the waitress before ordering. What I don’t understand is why this meal took 3 hours of my life away from me. Honestly, if a meal were to take 3 hours it better be the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Continue reading

Food, Tokyo

Edokko sushi edonoya – Kanda, Tokyo

1 word: foodgasm. Japan truly has the best sushi in the world. The pictures speak for themselves… Their sea urchin tasted a little sweeter than the ones in vancouver and the portion was so big they gave you a spoon. You can order any kind of sushi you want aburi or regular style. You order directly from the chefs while sitting at the sushi bar and they put it on your plate right after they make it. Their aburi sushis were either lightly salted or had some ikura (salmon eggs) on it. The aburi was delicious and natural tasting.. I liked that they didn’t overwhelm the sashimi with too much sauce and only used salt.

Ate at Edokko on Dec/26/2011