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Santouka Ramen (Hokkaido style)

Santouka takes the gold medal for their consistently flavourful broths and tender fatty meat. This is the only Ramen shop where I leave with an empty bowl every time. Santouka is so close to perfection I could almost cry… Cry because their noodles do not even come close to matching the caliber of their soup and pork. (refer to My 1,2,3s of Ramen). Santouka is internationally famous for using the same cooking methods they have used since 1988 in Hokkaido (a region of Japan). They never bring their soup to a boil but simmer the pork bones for 20 hours before serving. The great thing about Santouka compared to other Ramen shops are their wide selections of soups and rice bowls. They also serve a limited amount of pork cheek meat daily because the pork is rare and only 200-300g can be taken from each pig. Their pork cheek is so soft and tender it melts in your mouth! Orgasmic! Continue reading