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Food, Vancouver

Hidden lounge at the Westin

I have a thing for hotel restaurant and lounges and their two story high ceilings; It makes me feel comfortable and at home. Plus, the service is usually good. At least in this case it was good at Hidden. I was not expecting such a creative seafood selection of dishes like the lobster poutine and the scallop mac n cheese. Hidden is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver with a view of the beautiful Central library. The bill for two people came out to be about 55 dollars (tax and tip included). Continue reading

Food, Vancouver

Octopus Garden – longest meal of my life.

Tucked away on Cornwall street sits a small Japanese restaurant known for it’s fresh sashimi and creative dishes by Chef Sado San. After first walking by 7 years ago, I finally got to try it!

They are most famously known for their Omakase menu, aka: Leave it to the chef menu where every course is a surprise. The Omakase is a hit or miss with every customer. I love all kinds of seafood and sashimi and don’t have any major dislikes so i enjoyed it. If you do have any specific preferences you should tell the waitress before ordering. What I don’t understand is why this meal took 3 hours of my life away from me. Honestly, if a meal were to take 3 hours it better be the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Continue reading

Food, Vancouver

Shangri La Afternoon Tea

I am a fan of the Shangri-la lobby lounge so I had high hopes for their afternoon tea service.  At the exceptionally high price of $35 per person, I was expecting a lot. I was really pleased with their beautiful china ware and tea set. They have a really small selection of tea leaves but the quality wasn’t bad. I had the jasmine pearl tea. They had 3 tiers as usual. The lowest tier had a selection of crust-less sandwiches and croissants and the middle tier had an interesting selection of savory bites on Asian soup spoons. Continue reading